Band Member Bios

Guitar and Vocals

George (aka Silver G) is another songwriter/musician from the land of Canada. He has been a member of such amazingly fabulous bands as the Billy Joe Burk show (Elvis Impersonator), Chord Extension, Sailor and the Swimmers, Idlehands, Idletrain and Idlecareer. He was also part of the infamous Calipso Dudes, Twangdaddys, The Micromanics, Electric Buffalo, The Muddies, The Phoenix Band and now Blame Betty, the funnest Rockabilly band in San Diego. George is also capable of setting up your Wide Area Network as well as your company Firewall. George brags about having received more spankings than most guitar players. Probably because he deserved it or most likely just liked it.

Drums and Vocals

Jim learned his chops in the Chicago music scene of the mid 60s. The British Invasion left him spellbound with The Beatles as his number one influence. He has played in Classic Rock, Motown, Beatles Tribute and Country bands. In 1997 Jim was named Southern California Country Drummer of the Year. Playing Blame Betty Roots and Rockabilly music feels like home.

Known for his epic hootenannies at loading docks throughout Arizona, Mike is a multi instrumentalist discovered by Blame Betty while living in a van in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel on the outskirts of Phoenix. As a big foot enthusiast, Mike gets up real early with his dog, Wendy, convinced that Sasquatch is lurking in the canyons of South Park. He has signed on to the lawsuit to get California to recognize the existence of Sasquatch. Musical infuences include Hee-Haw, Buck Owens and Hank Williams. He has been booed by audiences from San Felipe to San Diego. Mike feels privileged to perform with Blame Betty throughout Southern California.